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184 Main Collins Street West Victoria 8007


Mercantilo is a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency


Search Engine Optimization

Get more free traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimization gets your page ranked higher on Search Engine Result Pages, so your customers have more chances of finding you.


Digital Marketing

Generate leads and new customers at affordable rates. We leverage years of experience doing Social Media and Search Engine marketing so your ads bring in business.


Follow-up Marketing

Don't lose our on repeat business. Through re-targeting past customers as well as doing e-mail marketing, we can turn your old client lists into a high-producing gold mine.


Software Development

Need a landing page tweak, a website update or a totally new website? We do that too, with our team of real software engineers and professional designers.

Let's team up:

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    Why partner with us:


    Whether it's more leads, more customers or more sales, we have a proven track record of getting results for our clients.

    Fast Communication

    We answer all communication back within the next business day, often much faster.

    No Long-Term Contracts

    We hold ourselves accountable for results every month. Cancel any time if you are dissatisfied (you won't be).


    Once you hire us, we will not work for your competition.

    Years of Experience

    We have years of experience with digital marketing, our Founder even worked at Facebook on its Ads platform for years.


    We deliver results while staying within your budget.

    Benefits of hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

    We do all the work

    We have years of experience building websites and promoting them online, so you can focus on what matters most: managing your business.

    Competitive Research

    We use advanced tactices to research out your competition and see what's already working for them or not. We then use the information to give you a leg up in your campaigns.

    Quality Leads

    We tailor your marketing to find the right people at the right time so your conversion rates are higher and the leads your get are more likely to result in a sale.

    Mobile Optimized

    Did you know as much as 80% of web traffic comes from mobile phones today?
    We ensure your website and ads look great on mobile every time.

    Content Management

    We can also manage your social media accounts and blog. Our top writers create unique content for you. You get to review everything before it is published of course.

    Great Support

    We hate to wait for service, so we strive to give rapid support. If you have an issue with one of our products, you can be sure we'll work hard to remedy it right away.

    About the services we provide

    Website Development & Management

    Whether it’s just a touch up or a fresh start, we do it all. We have affordable “new website” packages and take care of everything from logo and layout design to content writing.

    We also employ real software engineers so you get a professional result, not something that was duct-taped together by an intern.

    Search Engine Optimization

    They say the safest place to hide something is on the second page of Google Search results… don’t let that happen to you!

    We work hard to get your website ranked higher on keywords relevant to your business so you get more free clicks from search engine result pages.

    Search & Social Media Advertising

    Even with a highly ranked website, paid results still show up higher in search results, which is why you must always have a solid Search Ads campaign going that brings you relevant traffic.

    We also leverage the power of Social Media to bring greater awareness of you and what you can do so you attract new patients in droves as well as bring back past customers for repeat business.

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