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What is “Holistic Digital Marketing” ?

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What is “Holistic Digital Marketing” ?

It seems almost every month someone comes up with a new “trend” or latest “hot tip” about digital marketing and getting your website more traffic and conversions. While it is true that digital marketing is a field that is constantly evolving, certain things remain constant.

Regardless of what latest technology, platform or avenue for marketing you are using, certain fundamentals of marketing always apply: finding the right audience for your products or services, reaching that audience with a message that resonates with them and makes them want to see more, convincing them to take some action and do business with you, and ideally repeat that many times over in the future.

Too many people focus on the specifics of how to get their ad seen or who to target, and not enough on a consistent strategy that brings in solid traffic and keeps it coming back for more.

Finding the right audience

The first step in any marketing plan is figuring out or defining your target audience. This can depend on a lot of factors, but a good answer can usually be arrived at by asking yourself this simple question:

Who wants to buy this?

Take a knife store who sells custom made pocket knives online. Their target audience might primarily be people who work or play outside and have a need for a custom knife such as hunters, hikers, backpackers or farmers.

They are a lot less likely to sell a set of deer-antler handle knives to a suburban mom, and should they advertise to the suburban mom, their marketing money would be pretty well wasted.

If one does not know who their audience is, they can survey past customers and find out who has bought from them in the past. Certain tools such as Facebook Analytics with a Facebook Pixel and Custom events can give them important information on past Purchases or Leads, such as Demographics and Geographic information about who is buying their services.

(If you do not already have this on your website, we can help you get it set up! Just send us a message.)

Repetition of Message

The next important part of Digital Marketing is to have a consistent message across your various campaigns.

Often I see advertisers making this mistake. First they advertise to get their customers to visit a blog post, but after the customer visits their site, they continue to advertise for them to view more blogs or video content, instead of going for more direct response-type ads.

Advertising “Brand awareness” type content to people who have already visited your website can be OK to continue to build their trust (especially for large purchases or B2B contracts), but it can also be a waste of money.

If a customer visits your website or spends the time to watch an entire video on your Social Media page, odds are they are interested in what you are selling, and you should begin retargeting ads to them to get them to convert directly, and stop showing them “Brand awareness” type ads.

This can be done in several ways depending on which platform you are advertising on. For example, Facebook allows you to create custom audiences for people who have visited your website or watched one of your videos to a certain %.

This custom audience can be used as an exclusion audience for your “Branding” ads and as a target audience for your direct response or offer ads.

Google also allows you to retarget your visitors on the Google Display network.

By now repeating the same message of “Buy this product or service from us” on all of your campaigns, the customer is saturated with your ads, and pushed towards making a decision.

Customer Paying with Credit Card

More importantly, the message about your product or service is repeated again and again, increasing the likelihood that they’ll take action.

(Are you interested in utilizing some of these marketing strategies for your website? Reach out to us for a free quote.)


It’s not all about paying for traffic

Some people make the mistake of thinking they should only worry about paying for traffic to their website. This is usually a costly mistake.

Search Engine Optimization and E-Mail marketing have been around for over a decade now and produce amazing results for those who know how to use them well.

For example, having a well-written blog on topics that relate to what you sell can be a huge source of traffic, as well as boost your Google Search rankings, as more sites link to your own, raising its rank. Providing how-to or educational videos on YouTube that link back to your own product pages can also be a big source of free traffic.

And let’s not forget E-mail. For most small to medium-sized businesses, running an e-mail newsletter or weekly/bi-weekly marketing e-mail is either going to be free or incredibly cheap to do. If properly written, an e-mail campaign can easily generate meaningful sales or repeat business from past customers that were previously thought “cold”. As an added benefit, once those customers click back to your website, they will automatically start seeing your retargeting ads.


The Holistic approach

“Holistic” means taking into account all the various parts of something and including them in.

At Mercantilo, we’re firm believers that digital marketing is not limited to just paid campaigns, and that an effective marketing strategy is not just a Funnel, but a virtuous circle, where each part of the strategy feeds into the next.


An Example

Let’s take an example of a sweater store:

A new customer might hear about them from watching a video ad that explains the different type of sweater wools one can get, showing off each, and explaining how the company works with farmers across the world to source sustainable, whole trade wool.

Next, the customer sees an ad for a few whole trade alpaca wool sweaters, and they start to consider getting one.

A few days later, they search for “Alpaca wool sweater” on Google and in the top organic search results (thanks to all that Search Engine Optimization work you did), they recognize the name of your brand, so they click on it.

They browse around a bit, and buy a sweater from you.

Next, you start sending them weekly e-mails. As Christmas rolls around, they see a sweater that would look great for their sister, so they become a repeat customer and buy from you again.


This is just one example of an integrated marketing campaign with all elements working together to gain and retain long term customers.

By thinking of marketing as a whole process, instead of just as a series of disconnected “campaigns” that don’t work well together, you too can dramatically increase your sales!


Mercantilo’s team has years of experience in digital marketing, website optimization and all other parts required to make your online business a huge success. Contact us today for a personalized analysis of your needs and a free quote.

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